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The Innovation Observatory of Navarra

What is the observatory

The Innovation Observatory of Navarra, which we have called "Mira la i - Begira", analyses and shows the reality of R+D+i in Navarra. It is regulated by article 18 of Navarra’s Regional Law 15/2018, of 27 June, on Science and Technology, and is a key element in the governance of the Navarra’s Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2021-2025 (PCTIN).

"Mira la i - Begira" is part of the Directorate General for Innovation of the Department of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Government of Navarra.



The Innovation Observatory of Navarra is continuously analysing the reality of R+D+i in Navarra, monitoring the execution of the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2021-2025 as well as measuring the impact of the public policies defined by Navarra’s Regional Law on Science and Technology.

Memorias Anuales

Descarga aquí las memorias de actividad anuales del Observatorio de Innovación de Navarra:



  • Compilation and publication of data and indicators in accordance with the provisions of Navarra’s Regional Law on Science and Technology and its planning instruments, in collaboration with the Navarra Institute of Statistics-Nastat.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan’s indicators.
  • Compilation and publication of scientific, technological and economic information on research, development and innovation policies.
  • Generation of knowledge networks in collaboration with other national and international organisations related to the measurement, study and promotion of research, development and innovation.
  • Preparation and publication of the annual report on the activities of the Innovation Observatory of Navarra.

Observatory Technical Advisory Group

The Innovation Observatory of Navarra is advised by a Technical Group created by Government Agreement on 19 January 2022. It’s composed, on the one hand, by the R&D&I Service, Navarra Institute of Statistics-Nastat, the S4 Strategic Projects Service and the Social Reality Observatory. On the other hand, the Observatory also includes those entities responsible for promoting the design and implementation of the S4 Smart Specialisation Strategy (Sodena) and for coordinating the SINAI execution agents (ADItech), in order to achieve synergies between all of them and ensure the proper alignment of all the agents involved.

  • To ensure coordination and cooperation between different units of Navarra's governmental Administration in order to provide information related to R+D+i.

  • To provide technical advice to the monitoring system of R+D+i policies in Navarra.

  • To provide knowledge on R+D+i-related developments.

  • Validation of indicators relating to R+D+i policies in Navarra.
  • Analysis of new methodologies for monitoring R+D+i policies in Navarra.
  • Carrying out studies and advisory reports at the request of the Navarra R+D+i Advisory Council.
  • Reaching a consensus on actions for the creation of new indicators so that they respond to the different agents’ new needs and demands.
  • Supporting the Innovation Observatory of Navarra by providing indicators and contrasting related information.

The Technical Advisory Group at the Innovation Observatory of Navarra holds regular work meetings and also uses an online collaborative tool to work connected.

It operates with yearly programmes which are articulated with the lines of work as well as an action calendar for those who make up the Technical Group in order to be able to participate in their execution.

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