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R&D&i in Navarra

What is R&D&i

R&D (research and experimental development) is the creative and systematic work which aims to increase knowledge and create new applications based on already available knowledge. R&D activities must meet five criteria: To be original, creative, uncertain, systematic, transferable and reproducible.

The i refers to innovation and is based on the idea that an activity is innovative when there are significant changes to a product or a process within a company which aims to improve performance. Innovative changes are made through the application of new knowledge and technology.

Research + Development + Innovation = Prosperity

R&D&I is a key element in any advanced society, as it increases prosperity, improves quality of life and provides creative solutions to the major challenges our society faces.

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Navarra's situation in the field of R&D&I is the result of an ongoing process of sustained public-private work over the last few years between the Governmental Administration, Universities, Technology Centres and Companies. All this has led to the creation of an Innovation Ecosystem.

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Sinai: R+D+i system from Navarra

On the other hand, Navarra’s Regional Law on Science and Technology defines the agents who carry out research, transfer, valorisation and innovation work in Navarra, defining the following typologies:

  • UNIVERSITY: oriented towards teaching and basic research that they disseminate and transfer to the business sector, institutions and the social fabric.
  • RESEARCH CENTRE: basic research and excellence entity which develops its activities in areas of scientific interest.
  • TECHNOLOGY CENTRE: research entity that essentially generates, develops and transfers technology to companies, institutions and Navarra’s social fabric.
  • HEALTH RESEARCH INSTITUTE: research entities based in a hospital and whose main function is to carry out translational research.
  • BUSINESS R&D&I UNIT: research entity focused mainly on experimental development oriented towards responding to the R&D&I needs of the company.
  • OTHER ENTITIES: dissemination entity, whose main function is to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge and R&D&I results to society.
  • COORDINATOR OF R&D&I EXECUTION AGENTS: agent dedicated to the coordination of all the execution agents who are part of the system and dynamising the relationship between science, technology and companies in Navarra.

All these agents together comprise the Navarra R&D&I System (SINAI)

More information on Navarra R&D&I System (SINAI) may be found on the website of the coordinating agent, Aditech.sobre del Sistema Navarro de I+D+i (SINAI) en la página del coordinador, Aditech.

To find out more about the various agents’ competences: SINAI Sign-up

Why in Navarre


Navarra has the right social and productive support to make progress in the field of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I). In other words, the demographic, social and territorial features as well as the job market provide a favourable context for the promotion of R&D&I.

The strong presence of the industrial sector in our community is reflected in the participation of highly competitive and dynamic sub-sectors such as the automotive industry, agri-food, machinery and equipment, renewable energies and health technologies.

This is evidenced by the classification used by the European Commission to assign a certain level of innovation to its regions, which puts Navarra at a moderate level compared to the rest of the European regions. If we compare our region with Spain, our level is above average, ahead of Madrid and only behind the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Links with citizens


The scientific-technological community in Navarra is facing the challenge of maximising its external projection in order to share its achievements. To this end, there is the need to create a link with the general public through the educational world, the media, companies, dissemination organisations, the Governmental Administration and culture. Here are some of these initiatives:

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